We can offer both general health and women’s health consultations by telephone or secure video.

Until restrictions ease, we cannot offer face to face consultations, examinations, procedures, investigations or referrals.

Appointments and administration are now handled by our new company: St Erme Medical Ltd. Please visit

I have been joined by my GP Colleague, Dr Jane Davis, who has an extended role in Women’s Health in Primary Care.

An initial 60 minute assessment appointment is much longer than your GP is able to offer. We will generally ask you to fill in a questionnaire to help me to understand your problem, your background and your concerns. I will explain to you what I believe to be the cause of your problem and discuss the options available with their various pros and cons. My aim is to arrive at an agreed and understood plan. I will send you a summary of this discussion by email (post if you prefer). A referral is not essential. If your GP is prepared to write to me with background information we can work together more effectively to help you. I do not have access to NHS records.

Cost: £250

A follow up appointment to review, and modify as necessary, is generally taken after an initial three months, and then once a year if you would like ongoing support. These usually allow 30 minutes.

Cost £130

Extended follow up appointments are available if you wish to spend longer:

45 minutes = £185
60 minutes = £220

Letters, phone calls and emails, beyond quick queries for clarification, will be charged pro rata on a time taken basis.

Cost £132 per hour

Medical examinations for visa, insurance and other purposes can be arranged.

Please contact us to discuss the requirements as this will determine cost

I am very experienced and able to offer some minor procedures and a variety of tests.

These include intrauterine device fitting and removal, contraceptive implant insertion and removal, HRT implants, endometrial biopsy and pessary fitting.

Should you wish to have a cervical screening test I am able to provide discussion, examination, and proceed with the test if appropriate.

Covid-19 antigen testing (for exclusion if needed but you have no symptoms) and antibody testing (to see if you have had the infection) can be offered.


There is a lot of available information to help you with your health concerns. The problem with the internet is knowing what can be trusted. There is an accreditation system – HON (Health on the Net) which you should look for.

My suggestions to start from are: is worth a try for general information will provide an accredited menopause forum support women with early loss of ovarian function is the website for the National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome is the website for the campaign to encourage women to talk about their menopause


We are registered with the Information Commissioner and meet their requirements. These changed with the introduction of GDPR legislation in May 2018. The information you provide to us will be used only for your healthcare and to enable us to contact you. It will not be divulged to anyone else including your GP without your consent.

We use a security encrypted clinical records and data management system.

Our privacy policy can be read here:

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